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URBANSKY is a reputed real estate company engaged in the construction of prime properties in the residential space. The company is led by able management and has extensive experience and expertise in executing turn-key projects. The company strongly believes in delivering quality-driven projects that stand the test of time. URBANSKY also has the same dedication and care built into it to make it one of the best residential projects ever. The trustworthiness of the URBANSKY comes to the fore in every aspect – from clear titles, to documentation, to high construction standards and more. At URBANSKY we are driven by quest for the following


We feel a strong sense of duty towards maintaining a green environment. We specifically use construction techniques and materials that have the least impact on nature.


We recognize the cost of home ownership has been on the rise for quite some time now. At URBANSKY we try to provide affordable homes without any compromise in quality.


At URBANSKY we go out of our way to ensure that our home owners have a good experince through the buying process and with their homes. Our properties are never down on luxury


Quality in our projects is paramount. The construction process is one of constant quality checks and quality assurance. All components used are throughly tested before they are used.


Chandrashekar Reddy T.

Mr. Chandrashekar Reddy Tadiparthi has been working in the field of realestate for over 10 years now. He brings to the table the experince that is important for the successfull completion of any world class project.

Venkatarama Reddy N.

Mr. Venkatarama Reddy is B.E, in Mechanical engineering. At URBANSKY he drives innovations and constant inflow of new and challanging ideas to always keep moving further to more ambitious projects and ever improving quality of services for clients.


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Plot no: 550A/11,4th floor,
Road No: 92 jubilee hills,
Ph: 9550455999.